XP and Player Point System

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XP and Player Point System

Post by Aaron S on Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:29 am

The spending of PP and XP is per ST approval. Not every expenditure will be approved. If you want to cash in PP for a clan or otherwise please speak with a ST so we can work out how to best make it happen. If your expenditures are not approved, you do not lose the points.


A character will earn 4 XP at check in, after paying the base game cost of $5
A character can earn an extra 2 XP at check in by paying an additional $3 or *donation.
Submitting qualified Downtime actions will earn an additional 2 XP at the following game.
Each game the Players will take a vote for Best Role-Play, the 2 players with the most votes will receive 1 Bonus XP
Each game the ST’s will take a vote for Best Role-Play, the 2 players with the most votes will receive 1 Bonus XP
Earned XP can only be spent in a player's downtime post.

*donations are anything that benefit the game- food/drink, additional money, driving a carpool, etc. If you aren’t sure if your thing counts ask a ST.

***The ST staff is not eligible for the additional XP from RP awards.***

New Player Referrals
As if having more players was not enough of a good reason to bring more players, how about a bonus? When you bring a new player and they say you referred them you will receive 1 XP and 1 PP for each person!  

XP Carryover
Depending on the situation players may retain a portion of their current earned XP when they change to a new character. The amount retained varies based on the following:

• Character Death - In the course of a major scene as a key part of a storyline: Retain 70%-100% of their earned XP.
• Character Death - Retain 50% of their earned XP.
• Walk/Retire - Retain 25% of their earned XP.

Earned XP refers to the XP accrued by your most recent character, not every character you’ve played in the game.
Walking or Retiring a character - If you choose to have your current character leave the game so that you can make a new character, you cannot use Player Points on the new character. This is to push for a fully rich atmosphere and story.


Player points are a system to reward players not only for participating in the game, but also for going above and beyond to improve the game for everyone, as well as the atmosphere. The points that are accumulated can be used for a variety of options. The chart below itemizes the cost of each. Each item is individually priced. If you want to buy two different items from this list it will cost the player point cost for each. Example: 7th generation(50) + Giovanni(30) = 80 PP

Keep in mind there are a few requirements! Using Player Points to take a non-base game Clan requires the player submit a 2-4 page backstory that must be reviewed by the STs. This is due to the Clans being more difficult to play role-play wise, and the ST’s want to make sure that the player knows their clan lore and RP so that they can play the character correctly. It is best to give the ST’s as much warning ahead of time so they can look over your information and get back with you if there are questions. Player Points can be earned in the following ways:

• 1 for attendance
• 1 for costume*
• 1 for donation
• 1 for bringing a new player

*A costume requires at least one ‘signature’ item or piece of clothing that your character can always be identified by.

3 Player Points
• Purchase 1 XP for your current character

15 Player Points
• 9th Generation for a New Character**
• Followers of Set
• Assamite
• Samedi
• Lasombra antitribu***

25 Player Points
• 9th Gen for an existing character*  
• Giovanni
• Ravnos
• Daughters of Cacophony
• Salubri
• Old Clan Tzimisce***

35 Player Points This tier starts to unlock Sabbat clans and rare bloodlines.
• 8th Generation for an New Character**
• Kiasyd
• Harbingers of Skulls
• City Gangrel
• Salubri Warrior***

50 Player Points
• 7th Generation for an New Character**
• 8th Generation for an Existing Character*
• Assamite Sorceror/Vizier (Dur-An-Ki)***
• Blood Brothers (requires 2 players with the same PP expenditures)***
• Baali***
• Tzimisce***
• Other Misc. Bloodlines***

* If you are changing your generation, you will receive a special scene to commit diablerie with guaranteed success, which will result in gaining the bought generation. This will give you a good role-play basis for the new change in power.
** If you are creating a new character with a lower generation, you must still spend the XP on the lower generation as the rules state. Using Player Points only allows you to purchase the ability to do so.
*** These Characters will require extensive Background stories (upwards of 5+ pages)

Using PP to Purchase Generation
Because players love their gen, we want to make sure purchasing this is very clear before you dive in. Anytime you create a new character below 10th gen you have to pay the PP cost for it. Additionally if you are moving multiple generations below 10th, and have never purchased one of those gens you will need to purchase it at that time. Here are some examples.

Buying at Creation
Sheamus is playing a 10th gen Caitiff, and gets run over by the plot bus. He decides he wants to play a 9th gen Tremere. He will have to spend 15PP in order to “unlock” that 9th gen access. Let’s say that in two games that Tremere ran into a Salubri and saw the bright light. Now he wants to play a Gangrel with a TON of fortitude, so he asks to play an 8th gen with hopes of getting that 6th fortitude dot. Well, he has already purchased 9th gen for previous characters, so he would have to spend the 35 PP to “unlock” that 8th gen purchase. If he wanted to go for broke and make that Gangrel 7th gen he would have to spend 85 PP – spending 35 PP for 8th gen, and 50 PP for 7th gen. Moving forward any time he wanted to play ANY of those generations Sheamus would only be required to spend the PP for the actual generation of the character.

Buying After Creation
Lucy is playing a 10th gen Ventrue, and just took Praxis of Dallas. Knowing she will be a target she decides to spend 25 PP to drop to 9th generation. In her power move the Tremere find out that she’s done the dirty dirty, and rat her out to the local Elders… Ashley get’s ashed. She decides to get even and play a Brujah who hates the Tremere, and she goes all in by playing a 7th gen. Because she already spent the 25 PP to unlock 9th gen on an existing character, she only needs to spend the 35 PP for 8th, and 50 PP for 7th gen. Moving forward any characters she makes after that Brujah will only need to spend the XP for the actual gen she will play.

**We reserve the right to make changes to this list at any time.**
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