Character Creation Rules and Tips

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Character Creation Rules and Tips

Post by Aaron S on Sat Apr 23, 2016 1:59 am

Character Creation

** We reserve to right to make changes to the rules at any time.**

Character Creation follows the core Revised Edition LotN Book

Character backgrounds are strongly encouraged, please feel free to indulge as much info as possible. For any character background that has detail regarding where the Kindred came from, who the sire was (if known) and includes an explanation of character flaws and merits etc the ST staff will grant 2 XP and 2 PP upon approval.

Using Player Points to take a non-base game Clan requires the player submit a 2-4 page backstory and others still 5+ pages, that must be reviewed by the STs. This is due to the Clans being more difficult to play role-play wise, and the ST’s want to make sure that the player knows their clan lore and RP so that they can play the character correctly. It is best to give the ST’s as much warning ahead of time so they can look over your information and get back with you if there are questions.

A character’s status is the amount of sway they hold over others, as well as how others perceive them in regards to their place in the Camarilla. Characters can only purchase a maximum of 2 status traits at creation. Player characters must go through the steps of becoming Acknowledged and earning any additional status through role play.

If you need more information on status, and how this can/will impact play you can read up in the core Laws of the Night book. Page 216. The ST staff highly suggest you be familiar with the basic idea of status.

Merit Changes
Enchanting Voice - Only affects Social Challenges
Unbondable - This merit cannot be taken by players
True Faith - The merit cannot be taken by players
Common Sense - All newbie players receive this Merit for free for the first 4 games. Can purchase for creation cost at time of expiration.
Lucky - This merit is usable once per night, instead of the 3 times per story.
Natural Linguist - This merit allows you to speak the languages you know flawlessly. It sounds as if any language you speak is your native tongue.

Tremere characters must follow the book when purchasing paths of Thaumaturgy; making Path of Blood their first path. They are also not able to raise any secondary paths higher than their Path of Blood. Additionally, to help maintain balance in the game the, Tremere are required to "discover" additional paths and rituals. In-character research and study will help you reach those goals, but keep in mind that you will not find everything you need in books. Come talk to an ST if you need some more details. We promise that this is not an attempt to lock the Clan out of their magic.

Starting characters are limited to the paths detailed in the LotN: Revised Edition*

Thaumaturgy Rituals currently allowed*:

Basic: Blood Mastery, Deny the Intruder, Defense of the sacred haven, Deflection Of Wooden Doom, Engage the Vessel of Transference, Wake with Evenings Freshness
Intermediate: Pavis Of Foul Presence, Incorporeal Passage
Advanced: Blood Contract

*Other paths and rituals may be available with ST approval.

Disciplines are limited to the clan inherit disciplines at creation as outlined in the LotN: Revised Edition

Linguistics - Every dot of linguistics gives you access to 3 additional languages over your native language. You will still need to spend the downtime learning those languages.

Path of Humanity
The game will be using a slightly different path rating guide, that will provide a smoother guide for monitoring the characters actions. This change will provide a more broad Humanity scale and will provide a more clear guideline while allowing for a little more room to work with. Since there are more points in the break down think about where you want to be, your rating will be the total of your Conscience and Self Control traits.

Humanity Threshold Sin

10 Selfish Thoughts (Ex. hurting someone's feelings)
9 Minor Selfish Acts (Ex. Cheating on taxes)
8 Injury to another, accidental or otherwise (Ex. Physical conflict)
7 Petty Theft (Ex. Shoplifting)
6 Grand Theft (Ex. Burglary)
5 Intentional mass-property damage (Ex. Arson)
4 Impassioned Crime (Ex. Manslaughter)
3 Planned Crime (Ex. Murder)
2 Casual/callous Crime (Ex. Torture, serial murder)
1 Utter Perversion, heinous acts (Ex. Combined rape, Mass murder)
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