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House Rules

Post by Aaron S on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:46 am

In the STs experiences there have been many games that had their own "House Rules" and this game is no exception. We are playing with the revised edition's rules, however, there are some changes that need to made, as well as some clarifications.

Official House Rules

Defined as a person who has played in any LARP setting for a year or less. All newbie players will start with the Common Sense merit, and this will fall off after 4 months of gameplay.  

Allowed Books
Laws of the Night - Revised Edition
Guide to the Camarilla - Revised Edition
All Revised Edition clan books

Any departure from these books may still be allowed, but only under ST discretion.

***STs reserve the right to use anything from any of the source books to create a more immersive and rich experience for the player.***

All players must be in character at all times, unless in the designated OOC area. In character consequences can happen as a result of being OOC in inappropriate areas.

Player vs Player Policy
The World of Darkness is a violent place where beasts of various types war for control. As such, conflict is not confined to certain times and places. Always be aware of your surroundings and your safety. That being said, let's make sure that all PvP actions are 100% in character. We frown upon out of character things impacting in character actions.

Defined as using information that you learn out of game as in game knowledge, and is not acceptable. Metagaming will result in swift consequences against the player, and could include being asked to not return to the venue.

Using knowledge that is not consistent with your character's lore traits is also considered metagaming.

** For more info please refer to the Lore vs Occult, and what you know. sticky in Character Creation**  

Downtime Actions
All downtime submissions will be handled through the forums. While not required, you can only spend XP and grow influences by submitting a downtime report, which should be done no later than 14 days before the game.

While fire can be a terrifying and deadly thing, it is not complete madness. Small fires that are controlled and contained do not cause Roscheck by their presence alone; now if they are being used as a weapon that is a different story. Examples of controlled and contained fires would be: Fireplace, Torch, Lighter, Burn Barrel, and other similar setups.

Waking Blood
At check in a player must draw to see how much blood they begin game with. The following are the colors in the draw bag and what the result means.

Red- 3 Chips- Begin game will full blood, -1 for waking
Blue- 4 Chips- Begin game with half blood rounded down, -1 for waking
White- 2 Chips- Begin game with 3 blood, -1 for waking
Green- 1 Chip-  Mandatory Feeding scene run by ST

Feeding can be done in a number of ways, some easy and some hard, though risk has its rewards. No matter how you do it, if you are out feeding it is done in 15 minute increments where you are out of play. Expending a Survival ability trait, will double the amount of blood gained during a single feeding scene. Additionally when players feed in a live scene they must state to the ST that they close the wound or it doesn't happen.

Herd- The herd background will gain the character up to 2 Blood per trait expended
Clan Territory Safe- Up to 3 Blood
Clan Territory Risky- Up to 5 Blood, must win or tie a test with ST
Camarilla Territory Safe- Up to 2 Blood
Camarilla Territory Risky- Up to 3 Blood, must win or tie a test with ST
Non-Camarilla Territory Risky- Up to 2 Blood, must win a test with ST
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